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Automotive Locksmith Service

If you are about to buy a new car, you should remember to ask for an extra key. This will help you when you lose one key. But if the dealer has not provided you with an extra key or you have lost it as well then you should really seek the help of Locksmith Canarsie in NY today. We so not boast of making a duplicate of every vehicle but we can provide maximum vehicle keys. We have been in the business since years so we are well aware of how traditional keys work and how transponder keys work.

If you wish to have multiple keys made in a short amount of time then we can do it for you. We can even offer a discount if you are a regular customer so that the mistake of losing your key puts only a small dent in your budget. We will also offer you other solutions like key remaining inside the car when you are outside and the car is locked, upgrading your automotive security so that no one can steal it and repairing a damaged ignition. We can provide these services on the spot to reduce the tension you must be feeling as we always carry all our tools with us.